- Repair

It is evident that Air conditioning is an important feature adding more comfort to cars. It is very important that the cars have optimum cooling in warm climate and the intensity of vehicle population. The major reasons for ineffective AC cooling are due to deficiency of AC gas and evaporator filled up smoke particles.

Signs that your car needs a repair

  • Low cooling instances
  • There is some fault with the recirculation process of Cabin
  • Absolutely no cooling
  • Sign of any odour or unpleasant smell inside the cabin
  • Smoke leaking from outside

Diagnosis Process

  • Understand the customer concern and problems with AC
  • Check for faults in technical parts
  • Carry on systematic preliminary diagnosis on compressor, fan and AC ducts using manual and computerized scanning.
  • Complete diagnosis and infer the degree of cooling of the AC

Process steps

First the AC gas checking is done to identify whether there are chances for leaking, any issue with the compressor and any other future challenges due to weather condition. We will do a leak testing with Nitrogen gas which is ideal for your Car as it is inflammable.